Get Down & Boogie with the DJ

dance party neonMy general routine is to get to the party, and go right up to the DJ to see if he’ll play my song.

Whether it’s a mobile disc jockey or a club veteran I just want to go up and make sure that my song will get played by the end of the night.

If I’m not hanging with the DJ, trying to put on his headphones, i’m in the photo booth rental. So if you don’t know where to find me, that’s where to look.

The problem sometimes is that after a few drinks I don’t know the difference between the end of the night and the end of the next 20 minutes.

I guess that probably gets annoying for the music master, but hey, I get what I want and that’s what counts most, right?

When I throw my own events in the Detroit area with music and dancing, I usually go with Snapfuze DJ Services. They make sure the party is cracking and are always professional too.

Why Do You Need a DJ?

Occasionally people ask me why do you even need a dj for your event? That can be a hard question to answer, but for a dance party or a wedding it’s really not that difficult to put words to.

I’ve told many friends to stop being cheap and just go with a Snapfuze Wedding DJ and you won’t be disappointed. None of them have ever complained, so it must be good advice.

Although everybody has tons of music on their phone, and can put on Spotify, for a party in Michigan, a DJ is a much better choice.

Lots of music originated in Detroit from Motown to Techno, so the bar is set pretty high and if you just have some random music playing you’re really missing the boat. That’s why I tend to go with Michigan’s best, Snapfuze Mobile DJ services.

Leave me a message in the comments with your thoughts.

Best Michigan Photo Booth?

I have tried quite a few Michigan photo booth rental companies, but I’m always asked which one I think is best?

The top of the line company in my opinion is Photobooth-Detroit.  You will hear me speak of other services, but none compare to what they have to offer.

It takes  a lot of effort to create a really satisfying entertainment experience, and these guys really know how to do it.

They have taken years just testing the photography equipment, the printing and making sure they have the top customer service people to help you through the event planning process.

For that reason there’s nobody I recommend except Photobooth-Detroit Michigan rental. Let me know if you find a reason for me to change my opinion, but if their photo quality is a good indicator, I don’t think any other brand holds a candle.

Photobooth Detroit is always helpful and have friendly attendants that speak with your guests, help them through whatever issues and questions that they may have.

So next time you are thinking of hiring a company, try out Photobooth-Detroit rental MI. If you don’t have a wonderful experience they will make it right because they have a money back satisfaction Guarantee.

That’s about all I have to say about that. Leave me a comment if you want anything else answered.

The Top Choice for Weddings, Corporate Events or Parties

wedding cakeIt’s always difficult to find the right photo booth rental vendor for your wedding.

Most often you don’t know exactly what you want from a booth because you haven’t rented one before.

I ran into that issue when my own nuptials came around and it was good to finally settle in on a company the felt right and also had the features that I was looking for. The one that we went with was Photo Booth Plus.

It can be absurd how much time you spend planning a corporate event, just like a wedding. You want everything to be perfect and in many cases your job depends on it.
How much does a Photo Booth Rental Cost?
I always tend to try and spend a little bit more money than to end up being disappointed with the service or features in the long run. You can never get your event back if the company messes something up.

Whether it’s for a company picnic, or a holiday celebration I can honestly recommend Photo Booth Plus Corporate Events rental services.

If you’re looking for a wedding photobooth company that has great images, props, a scrapbook, custom logos and tons of other great features you should look into Michigan’s Photo Booth Plus Weddings.

If you end up working with them, let me know what you think in the comments!

Parties, Photo Booths and Awesome DJs

Part of living the absurd life is making sure you take enough time to relax, kick back and enjoy yourself.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy life is to crack open a cold one and have some fun. Photo booths have been popping up all over the place and I rented one for a recent event.

For Any Type of Party

Everyone had such a good time that they couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks.  About the only thing more important than the booze and photo booth at a party for me is having the best DJ.

The Deejay plays the music that sets the tone, so it’s important that whether it’s a real live disc jockey, or just a stereo system with an iPod the playlist must be amazing.

Experience the Good Life

When all that comes together you get a party that is unmatched and definitely one to remember.

If you truly experience an absurdly fantastic time, you will associate those memories with the sounds and images you experienced. For me, that’s what a photo booth rental brings to the table.

Whether I’m in Michigan or Ohio, or travelling around the globe, I want to make sure I can connect with some good people, listen to great music, enjoy some tasty food and drink and remember it all with some epic photo booth strips.